V.M.F.International Design & Built Co.,Ltd. has been founded in 1999 by the most three internationally successful Architects and Civil Engineers, Mr.Veerachai Anamayatana, Mr.Shoji Miura, and Mr.Fujiki Yoshiaki.  All three co-founders are licensed Architects and Engineers not only in Thailand but also overseas as well. Since 1999 until now the company has growth unlimitedly, the company is designed to serve the needs of the customers.


Mr.veerachai Anamayatana, a co-founder, was born in November 24, 1940. He is the second son and the third child of Mr.Pow and Mrs.Chaenglui who came from China during early of the 19th century.  He graduated from Santiraj School and got his Architectural/Civil Engineering degrees from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan.  After his graduation, he had worked as a structural designer with Taisei Corporation, Japan.  He took his first class Architecture/Civil Structure Engineer Licenses and became the first Thai who received this honorable licenses from the Japanese Government.  When he came back to Thailand in 1970, he worked with the Thai Takenaka International Co.,Ltd. as a structural designer and project manager.  He had built so many well-known Japanese-owned factories and facilities and worked with famous Japanese companies such as Isuzu Motor factories ,Denso(Thailand), Toyobo(Erawan and Dusit Textile Co.,Ltd.), Siam Electric Co.,Ltd., Sanyo Factories, Panasonic Factories (“National” Factories) and Mitsubishi Corporation ,etc.


Mr.Veerachai Anamayatana has three Qualified children.  His first son, Mr.Somboon Anamayatana, is an Architect and Engineer. His second son, Mr.Somchai Anamayatana,is an Economist and Last is daughter,Miss Somrudee Anamayatana, is an Interior Designer .Mr.Veerachai Anamayatana passed away on June 12,2002 ; total age of 62 years old.  He also had left all valuable assets;such as his experiences and teamwork to the company for continuing his dream to make a well known Design & Build company

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